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Cat Women of the Moon (1953)

Man (and woman) finally makes it to the moon and finds a dying race of leotard clad beatnik feminists bent on invading Earth and conquering everyone through seduction, mind control and teleportation.  Bonus points for interpretive dance and jazz flute music.

Forget all that one giant leap for mankind nonsense! We have lithe, somewhat half-Vulcan women prancing about and scheming to take over Earth.  The only thing in their way is a team of manly men and one pretty awesome woman.

Oh, and two giant spiders that are controlled by fishing line.

Peril abounds on the moon!
All hail our Cat Woman overlords!

The Episode

Words From Warren

I like to quote from one of my favorite reference books, the late Bill Warren’s “Keep Watching The Skies: American Science Fiction Movies of the Fifties”.  Mr. Warren does not suffer fools gladly, and does not mince his words when it comes to either praising a film or flaying it alive.

“The total childish artlessness of Cat Women on the Moon makes this harmless but silly film very entertaining, but it certainly it is certainly one of the worst pictures ever made.
It is unquestionably more entertaining and less contemptible than Missile to the Moon, which is, astoundingly, a remake of Cat Women of the Moon!
That godawful film drags in vicious gangsters, instead of the dedicated professional rocket crew of Cat Women.

The Links

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Marie Windsor article, Western Clippings (focuses on her career in Westerns)
Marie Windsor article on Film Noir Blonde (focuses on her noir work)
Interview with Marie Windsor (YouTube)
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The Credits

I am very grateful to be able to use the music and sound effects of so many wonderful creators.
You can find a list of all music used, and all sound effects used, and links, here, on our Credits page.

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