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Happy Halloween Monster Kids!

Happy Halloween!
Are you a Monster Kid?
Of course you are!
No matter when you were born, no matter how old or how young you are, if you love monster movies, then you are, by definition, a Monster Kid, and boy do I have something for YOU!

To celebrate this most awesome of holidays, I am, with permission performing an wonderful essay written by David Colton, former editor at USA Today, and current Grand Poobah of The Rondo Awards and The Classic Horror Film Boards called “Monster Kids”.

It’s an annual tradition for David to post the essay on the above CHFB every Halloween, and, with his kind permission, I have recorded it so that all us Monster Kids will have something awesome to listen to each year!

Thank you to all my Patrons, all my subscribers and all my listeners!

Enjoy David Colton’s “Monster Kids”.

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